Is it neccesary for me to use both 6pin power connectors for my gtx275

I have currently upgraded my BFG Gts250 with an Asus GTX275, i am currently running a Core i5 2400, 8 gig ddr3 xms3 ram, 2 tb seagate hard drives i have a asus P8P67 Deluxe MB, my power supply is a proline 800watt psu, not sure if it can handle the pressure or if it has 2 6pin connectors, what can i do?

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  1. ive never heard of proline psu's. sounds dodgy. on a quick google search i cant find any information about them at all which is always a bad sign.
  2. haha im from south africa, think its a home brand! but the name is good here gets used by lots of businesses
  3. Only in SA would they still be selling the GTX275.... You would have been better off going for a GeForce 4xx/5xx series or a Radeon 5xxx/6xxx.

    That aside, you will need to plug in both connectors for the card to work.
  4. no no no they are selling those cards. My friend has sold his gtx275 to me, thats why ive got it now!
  5. ok cool thanx, i just actually spoke to a supplier and they have 1 ati 5850 left wanna sell it to me so, im gonna sell the gtx nw anyways haha, but how do you guys rate the ati 5850?
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