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Are dual-rank DIMMs usually lower CAS latency?

I'm looking at Unbuffered DDR3-1600 ECC DIMMs and all seem to be CL11 except for one dual-rank DIMM I found that's CL9.

Now, I've read that it's better to go with single-rank, since they create less electrical load, but I'm wondering if the lower CAS latency is a benefit of dual-rank or just coincidental.

I can provide links, but the question is really a general one and probably nothing to do with these specific modules.

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    There is no relationship between the number of ranks per DIMM and the timing latency. Increasing the number of ranks increases the memory density and the electrical load but that's it. In fact, memory operations that involve only a single rank can be faster than memory operations which involve multiple ranks on the same channel.
  2. Thanks for the prompt & informative reply.

    BTW, you have quite the rig!
  3. you're welcome, and thanks!
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