Will a i5 2500 bottleneck gtx 560 Ti ?

Hi guys,

I am going to buy a new system build. I want to know if the cpu Intel Core i5 2500 ( or k ) can bottleneck the GTX 560 Ti ?

and What is the minimum psu needed for that vga incase i want to overclock it ?
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  1. no it wont, but get the K version so you can overclock it and get even more performance. (and p67 mobo of course, h67 doesnt support oc)

    dont know about the minimum, but I'd get something like a good 500-600W unit....
  2. Doesn't the 2500 version have the TurboBoost ? Isn't that for reaching 3.7 GHz without doing manual oc ?

    The p67 mobo you mentioned, when I asked seller about what mobo and he said p55. something's wrong ?
  3. turboboost is nice and all that but it doesnt really make manual overclocking obsolete, and you can reach way higher than 3.7 (on all the cores) with good air cooler.

    p55 is for older line of cpus using lga 1156 socket (like i5 750).
    the 2500 uses lga 1155 socket and needs a newer mobo with p67 chipset (or h67). 1156 and 1155 sockets arent compatible, they have different amount of contact pins.
  4. haha are you kidding, hell no the 2500 and 2500k will not even come close to bottlenecking a gtx 560ti, those cpus are great but def overkill in most gaming situations imo, I would however pay to couple extra bucks for the k model..
  5. no i5 2500 and 2500k aren't gonna bottleneck any GTX 560Ti, anyway get 2500K over normal one
  6. I5 2500 with H67 board if you are not planning any overclock! I5 2500K with an unlocked multiplier paired with a P67 board if you are planning overclocking.
    The bottleneck question has been answered above!
  7. Are you serious? The i5 2500K is one of, if not the best Intel CPUs for gaming if we are talking bang for the buck
  8. yeah I would say its the best bang for your buck hands down but only if you are building a highend gaming rig or editing rig etc, but for general use there is no need for such a poweful cpu to run a basic office computer, no doubt they are damn
    powerful and I will likely upgrade to one down the road but for right now my 955 is still kickin for what I need it to do----- play games at 1080p
  9. Well I read some people had problems because their cpu bottleneck 500 graphic series. So I thought maybe the i5 is not capable of using all 560 Ti performance.

    BTW, I am not sure what monitor res should i buy!?
    Can I play games like metro 2033 and crysis 2 with DX11 maxed 4xAA 16AF on a 1980x1200 monitor smoothly ?
  10. I have both the 2500K and the GTX 560Ti. They complement eachother well. I mostly play CPU intensive games like SC2, WoW and Civ5 and I have no problems whatsoever at maxed settings. I play Crysis 2 demo maxed out at 1920 x 1200 with no noticable performance decrease. Metro 2033 runs well too but that is where I see drops from 60 fps to around 40-45 fps when things get intense. It isn't a noticeable decrease and it doesn't effect gameplay

    I have an overclock on the 2500K to 4.75 Ghz. It was easy with an aftermarket cooling solution to OC the 2500K to 4.6 Ghz. I had to fiddle with it quite a bit to get the processor to give up that extra 150 Mhz. With stock cooling the 2500K should get to 4.1 Ghz easily.
  11. No way! A 2500K won't bottleneck a GTX 560 Ti. On the fixed benchmark, Resident Evil 5 runs faster with a i7-2600, but try to look at the numbers from the variable benchmark.
    I also looked at task manager with the Resident Evil 5 fixed benchmark running, the my i5-2500k was running at half of it's power, and the GPU usage reported by MSI after burner was lower than 50%.
    My display is 1440 x 900, the numbers may vary at higher resolutions.
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