Is this amd phemon 1090 & giabyte 990 ud 5 makes good compatiblity?

hey guyz...
i'm really confused after hearing & watching d reviews..but i just wanna know does this processor amd phenom 1090 & gigabyte motherboard 990 ud-5 is a good match...althoug i have this graphic card ATI raedon 6950 1 gb with corsair 8 gb ram (1600)...with cooler mater 650 watts power supply...
is this configuration good or i shud work out some thing else...plz guide me
waiting !!
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  1. Yeah they are, though you might want to wait until Bulldozer is released.
  2. yes they are perfect you're good to go with this cool rig, it's similar to mine... but shouldn't you wait just a couple of weeks and buy the new AMD Bulldozer which is totally compatible with your MOBO ?
  3. :non: ....correction......per core performance of Thurban is higher than Deneb...Please run 3D Mark and look at the processor score....
  4. just happen to have both 965 and what could I, a humble user possibly know that an expert like you expouses so well?

    Why i'd want to cripple my Thurban to prove your point I don't understand. The tech in Thurban, cores and turbo, gives that proc the edge in every piece of software I have benched, games included. 3Dmark is higher, DOOM 3 is higher, Crysis 1 & 2 are higher, Far Cry is I really need to go on. And the multitasking is right up there with Deneb and I honestly can't tell the difference. Even if the numbers are higher with Thurban, could I tell you which pc I'm sitting at without looking at device settings, the ans is no.

    You'll need to excuse me, 'cause I am getting so tired of seeing the comments...Thurban ain't worth the money...or the extra cores are no good with todays software. When in fact excuses are made simply because in some software Thurban knocks the much vaunted i7 off it's lofty perch, and Intel don't offer a comparable mainstream cpu, so we try to ignore it and pretend things are the same and poor old miserable know-nothing consumers can buy cheaper non-Intel threatening procs.

    As for the Yonster bit, don't let the ratings on this site fool you, see again it's just an arbitary rating you have taken for gospel, if a proc isn't any good I generally give it away, I did my 9600, and my Core 2 6320, but Thurban is a beauty and never regretted it purchase for one second. Just for interest sake, that 6320 my son threw back at claiming it wasn't a pach on his P4 Extreme, and I've had to resell a SLi Core 2 3000 twice in the past 12 months with owners not satisfied with it's performance, and yet all the reviews tell us how good the proc is...hmmmmm??? Not that convinced the reviewers are straight up front and not influenced to internal industry pressures. But since you are...please go right ahead as I am sure you will.
  5. Another pissfest... Thurbans aren't crap any more than Intel CPUs are crap. Both are fine CPUs intended for different audiences.

    OP - Yes the CPU and mobo are a good match and should serve you well.
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