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Hello, so I'm wondering if my internet speed is different then my downloading speed? My internet speed is 54 mbps but I'm only downloading things at 175 kbps. I'm wondering if this is normal?
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  1. I suspect the speed difference may be at the source of your downloads or somewhere in between them and you. See if it varies between sites.
  2. You're connected wirelessly to your router, I suspect. The speed that you're showing in Windows at 54Mbps is the speed at which your computer communicates with your router and other computers within your network. You internet connection speed is independent of that and depends on several factors:

    1.) The speed that you're paying for
    2.) Internet traffic overall
    3.) The upload speed of the person you're downloading from.
    4.) Network cabling quality and any small rodents that may have nibbled on them.
    5.) Quantity of Gremlins
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