Bulldozer on a crosshair iv extreme

i was wondering whether the 8150 fx will run properly in a crosshair iv extreme i have been looking for answers to this question but im getting mixed results and unclear answers im a week or so away from my purchase and id like some input from some one else running a similar setup ( 8150 in an am3 socket )
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  1. It does have beta support http://www.asus.com/Motherboards/AMD_AM3/Crosshair_IV_Extreme/#CPUS
    But why upgrade from 1090T to FX8150? Apart from heavy rendering/editing it would be a down grade.
  2. my 1090t took damage to the imc do to ram overclocking ( beyond 1600) and i dont do any video editing/ rendering but i do a lot of visualization and overclocking

    what advantages would i have buy getting a new 1090t over a fx8150 ?
  3. The 1090T is a better gaming CPU but the Bulldozer will do more heavily threaded work and apparently overclocks well.
  4. im running Linux as my main os and don’t really do a pile of gaming so i think bd fits better than the 1090t for my needs. as long as it will have no issues with running on my board i think bd is my best choice.
  5. I'd go with the 8150, but your going to still need a bios update first, if your old cpu is dead I don't see how your going to do that.
  6. only 2 cores are dead the bios update is not an issue
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