how do i enable 3d acceleration on my ms-7191 running xp pro

Hello, how do i enable 3d acceleration on my MS7191 running xp pro using the on-board chip set?
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  1. Install the drivers?
  2. benski said:
    Install the drivers?

    I have all the latest drivers and windows updates. Any other ideas?
  3. well if it is up and running it should be enabled already, AFAIK there's no way to disable 3d properties of a gpu and only use the 2d 'part' if the drivers are installed...
    google search didnt find anything usefull with that model number, so what exactly is that thing? a laptop? how old?
    All on-board stuff is really slow anyways, so that might be the reason you think it is disabled...
  4. How can you tell it is not enabled?
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