2 pin power led vs 3 pin (pled1) both on mb

My MSI IN-9410 Raptor tower case has the 2pin power led config but the ASROCK 970 Extreme3 motherboard has both configured on it. Is there a fix? Do I need another mb or case? Is there any hope for me at all?
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  1. You are talking about PWR_LED?

    If your case has a 3 pin PWR_LED and the motherboard only has 2 pins for PWR_LED then you can probably pretty safely just leave 1 of the pins hanging off the edge in space.

    The manual for the case should be able to direct you on which end to leave hanging off in space, but you don't even really need PWR_LED to be connected to anything to have a working computer I don't think. If you just don't do anything it will almost certainly work and the colored light in the button just won't be on.
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