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hello i need some advice on what power supply to buy i had a antec 1000 watt psu but it give up i bought it second hand
i then bought a alpine 750w and this lasted about 5 mins playing crysis maxed then blew up with sparks some some advice needed please my budget is about £100

thanks mark!

my spec:
i7 920 4.4ghz
gtx 480 soc
samsung blue ray drive
1tb hdd
6 case fans
asus rampage extream motherboard
4gb kingston 2000mhz
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  1. Use the link below to determine how much power you need then buy a Seasonic X-series or PCP Power and Cooling PSU.

  2. either your house has bad power or you have bad luck but the alpine had plenty of wattage. so your system didnt stress it all that much. either it was bad or your power was bad. im only worried about bad power cuz you have had two die.
    what do you plug your power supply into? surge strip, UPS, etc.
    supposedly an active PFC power supply gets destroyed by the type of current coming out of a UPS. but i know lots of people that have had no such problems, including myself.

    but for advice "pc power and cooling" used to make the absolute best power supplies, they were bought by OCZ but they still seem to be damn good.
    im using a Rosewill right now and its voltages are spot on, had zero problems with it. corsair, antec, and coolermaster are all great brands. but every company has its lemons. check reviews.

    best place for reviews newegg.com and also my favorite place to shop
  3. http://www.ebuyer.com/257233-corsair-tx-750w-v2-psu-80plus-bronze-certified-cmpsu-750txv2uk would this be enough for my setup thanks for the advice i hope there isnt something else going on too. i plug into an extention cable along with a tv and sound system no problems with them the alpine was working fine untill i played crysis then it just blew up after a few mins
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