Is This a good case?

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  1. For the price I'd say its reasonable, depends ofc what hardware your intending on homing in it though :)
  2. might be changing it soon

    igabyte G41MT-S2P Intel G41 Video/Sound/Lan Socket 775 DDR3 mATX Motherboard - GA-G41MT-S2P
    Intel Pentium Dual Core E5700 3.0GHz Wolfdale 2Mb Cache LGA775 (800 Mhz), Retail - BX80571E5700
    Gainward 1024MB DDR3 GeForce GTS 450 DSub / DVI / HDMI PCI-E, Retail - 4260183362135
    Alpine 600Watt PSU 120mm Red Fan, Retail - ALPINE-600W
    4GB 1333MHZ DDR3 PC3-10600 Memory Module - OEM - EU1333D3U9-4G x2
    Hitachi DeskStar 5K1000 500GB CoolSpin SATA 3Gb/s 8MB Cache - OEM - HCS5C1050CLA382 £27.95
    Samsung SH-S222AB 22x SATA Dual Layer DVD-Rewritable Black, OEM - SH-S222AB/BEBE
    Novatech Vulcan Midi Case
  3. Should be fine in there, although you may want to consider slipping a 120mm in the side for your gfx card, as long as you keep you airflow good your temps should be ok
  4. how come you say moto at the end of every post?

    btw what power supply should i get instead of alpine it hasnt got a pci-e connector
  5. Moto is my name, and I'm old enough that I consider it polite to sign things I write :)
  6. You old git MOTO :) Have a kiss off me X

    Anyway enough of that, @ tricksta spend the extra £7 and buy this case instead from Novatech, for its price its truly excellent and offers alot of features you would find in a modern gaming case, including great ventilation and expandability.

    As for a decent PSU whats your budget ?
  7. well for my whole pc build around £250 pounds.

    dont want this thread to be derailed tho pm me something if you like :)

    is this good i found?
  8. Yes its not bad at all, but the above case is also good.

    So what will you be using your PC for?
  9. probably the most retarded thing im going to say on this forums.

    i dont like the power supple on the top because unused cables just hang around but on the bottom they sit there :?
  10. [...] rowle.html

    Power supply is on the bottom
  11. Can you redo the first link it dead?
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