Need a motherboard for my AMD Athlon 5000 X2 Processor its a Socket AM2 please

Need motherboard for my amd athlon 5000 x2 processor socket am2
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  1. What is the budget and what is the basic problem you are trying to solve?

    It sounds like the $30 Zotac in Rolli's link should work, but I would rather hear more about the problem and budget before I recommend it.
  2. trying to put toghther a decent PC for my Sister. I have the processor is all, she is gonna use keyboard,mouse,monitor,etc from older PC. I would like a better option for a motherboard. her budget is $ 400.00 dollars. Im getting a Case,RAM,PS and of course i have the Processor just need a really good board.
  3. $400 will get you a better system than using that old Athlon.
  4. That deal makes me cry, but it would be better than doing something with the Athlon, that is true.
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