Issues after flashing to 6970

Hello, I recently flashed my Gigabyte 2GB 6950 to 6970 using the steps found here:

I used the downloadable files in step two and flash using the batch files.

After flashing and changing overclock to +20% I get weird effects in SC2. Even though I get around 200FPS in the game, I am having sections of the screen flash (like triangles with black edges) which looks like "tearing". I am connected using DVI to two monitors (24 and 20.1) and playing on the 24". Any advice on 1. what this effect is called or 2. what I can do to fix this?
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    1. It's called video artifacts

    2. Reduce your overclock and probably flash it back a HD 6950.

    Those are clear signs that the GPU and memory are being stressed beyond safe limits. Prolonged usage can have severe consequences.
  2. I reverted back to the 6950 stock bios (from a backup I made). Would it benefit me in an RTS to even worry about the shader unlock or should I just leave it stock/stock as the benefits of >60FPS would not be too noticeable?

    BTW, thanks for the prompt reply/courtesy.

    Also, does changing the Overdrive in CCC make the change right away or do I have to reboot for it to take affect? If it does happen right away, would a program like SC2 needs to be closed/reopened to see the difference?
  3. For an RTS it shouldn't matter.

    Technically speaking, a LCD monitor cannot display more than 60 frames per second if you have a regular 60Hz LCD monitor since data is only being transmitted 60 times per second from the video card to the monitor. A 120Hz LCD monitor would technically have a max of 120FPS.
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