How can I set PCIE 2.0 instead 3.0 on p8z77 WS ?

Bought a new rig (spec on signature) and have a lot of problem with GPU (now it won,t even recognise it)

Been told to switch the pcie 3.0 to 2.0 in the BIOS (it seems it has worked for many user of the p8z77), but I can,t find how to do it.
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  1. No idea how to do that or if it's possible but 2.0 cards will work fine in 3.0 slots, they are backwards compatible. Besides your 670's are 3.0, not sure why you would want 2.0.

    If it's possible it will be in your manual.
  2. It should be automatic, it will just default to the speed of the installed hardware.
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