Antec case fan needs PUSH start?!

Hey guys,

just build my first computer, sweet machine -running great so far except the top case fan on my Antec Three Hundred always needs a push start to get it running. When I boot the computer, the fan tries to move but then stops, if I tap it slightly it will start moving and running properly.

I have another exact same model connected up as well, which runs just fine on the same psu molex wire (these fans only have molex connection):

[power supply] ---------------->[molex Antec TriCool #1 not working]------>[molex Antec TriCool #2 working fine]

What could the problem be? Voltage I thought at first but the fan farther down the line is working :S

Any help would be appreciated I don't want to RMA the whole case, everything is mounted already..
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    I'd contact Cs and send the dodgy fan back,
    tell them what you've told us so they know its not the power supply, and if you say its just the fan, they most likely will send a fan, not the whole case
  2. the only instances i've seen where a fan needs help starting is due to low voltage, but that's always been with cheap fans on 3-pin variable voltage controlled by the mobo. since yours is being supplied the full voltage you can conclude you have a bad fan.
  3. Thanks for the quick replies guys, I should also mention that both these fans have a low-medium-high switch attached to them, currently both on low. When I get home I will try changing the defective one to medium to see if it helps. I'll try to get it working at least while I go through the RMA process.
  4. A few years ago Antec had a run of bad fans. In fact, my wife's Sonata III was even packed with an extra fan, in case the one included had the problem (it didn't, so I got a free fan). Hers runs on any of the settings, whereas I believe the defective ones would not run on "low," like yours. I'm sure it will be fine on "medium," and not too noisy. If it is, I'm sure Antec will send you a new one, or just get a Scythe.
  5. Ya I tried it on medium, starts and runs fine....but its a little bit loud so I'll get it replaced as you guys have recommended.

    The Antec RMA process requires a Serial # and a QA stamp date # , does anyone know where I can find these on the Antec Three Hundred? Thanks again.
  6. I think you pay shipping on RMAs; it would be cheaper just to buy a new fan. Alternatively, provide proof of purchase to Antec, and they may very well send you another fan.
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  8. Thankyou for B.a. man, hope you got sorted ok, and more importantly at Antecs cost?
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