ASrock Z68 or P67

hi guys,

which one good for gaming and little overclock
my cpu: intel core i5 2500k
cooler: TT cotact 29
ram: g.skill 4gx2 1600 v1.5
gpu: gtx 560ti

asrock p67 fatal1ty professional
asrock Z68 Pro3
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  1. If you intend to run SLI or Crossfire then the fatal1ty, because the pro3 only has one PCI express x16 slot.

    The fatal1ty is so expensive though that in that range you have quite a few nice boards cheaper from Asus & Gigabyte and also Asrock that would do most of the same things if not all.

    So I would say that a good compromise would be to go with the Tom's hardware 2011 recommended buy:
    ASRock Z68 Extreme4 at $189
  2. First thing's first, if you do not have a SSD or don't plan to get one with the foresight of having this machine get the P67 instead of the Z series.

    For P67 boards I would get the Asrock P67 Pro3 for a single GPU rig

    and for SLI/crossfire I would get the Asrock P67 Extreme4

    Really they are the same board the latter just has SLI/Crossfire support. Trust me when I say they will be able to do anything the fatal1ty board can. I have the P67 pro3 and it's the bomb. But if having the Fatal1ty branding and badges of approval are important to you so be it, the underlying bios/chipset/caps on these asrock boards are really all the same.
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