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Motherboard upgrade recommendations

I currently have a HP Pavilion desktop computer. I wish to upgrade the motherboard, RAM, video card and fan etc. The specs of my current motherboard are listed below. I will be using the original case, keyboard and monitor. The desktop computer is primarily used for programming database applications etc. So, I wouldn't necessarily be interested in anything high end. I'll be using Windows 7 OS.

Thus, I would appreciate any upgrade suggestions offered.

HP Pavilion 06 D5468AT-ABA ALONPAV

Manufacturer ECS
Model Nettle2
Version 1.0

North Bridge NVIDIA MCP61 Revision A3
South Bridge NVIDIA MCP61 Revision A2

Name AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 6000+
Cpu Socket Socket AM2 (940)
Max CPU Speed 3000 MHz

Maximum Capacity 16384 MBytes
Maximum Memory Module Size 4096 MBytes
Memory Slots 4

System Slots
ExpressCard 0
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  1. What is your budget and what are your requirements?

    Also, do you have any reason in particular to want to use the same case?
  2. Hi there Bob,

    Do u have any budget?

    Its important, because it could be cheaper to get a new system

    for $360 that will be 3-5 times faster than what u got, even if u upgrade that.
  3. Quote:
    for $360 that will be 3-5 times faster than what u got, even if u upgrade that.

    My budget is $400.00. I think you're right that it might be better to get a new system. I'm a software guy that's just totally overwhelmed by all the available hardware on the market today. I'm just trying to get the most bang for my buck.

    I think that I might have to post in the systems forum for recommendations on a new system.
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    Anything you can get from DELL or Compaq or whatever for $400 should be good enough.

    It is hard to get a decent system going if you are piecing together all the components and have a budget of $400. Generally speaking the OEMs have the ultra low budget market cornered and we can't really compete with them. It is usually only the high end where we can beat them on value.

    If you click the link in my signature and click the $600 budget computer and drop the video card and a piece or two like if you have an old hard drive you can use, then you might be able to manage with $400.
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