$1000 editing/film student build help

Hi all,
First time builder here in need of some guidance and advice.
I'd like to build a desktop that can run Avid/Maya decently, and also handle a bit of gaming for some older games (Team Fortress 2), and was wondering what parts I should start looking at. I especially need a bit of help when it comes to some primers about what I should do in terms of my MOBO, CPU, video card, and HD.

A bit of Googling also revealed something about a video capture card -- is that something that is added alongside a video card, or something that can supplant a video card?

This newbie would appreciate any help. Thanks.
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  1. your budget?
  2. $1000 - $1100 would be preferred, though I know that's a little on the cheap end. I'm looking to construct my system sometime before November, though I don't have a strict deadline.
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