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hi guys, i was wondering whether a firegl v7700 would be good for gaming. all i would want to play is starcraft and other rts games to come on ultra detail aswell as video editing and a little 3d rendering and thought it could be worth it.

please could someone explain how much better the v7700 would be for video editing, rendering etc and how much better a 6950 would be for gaming.
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  1. Back when the V7700 was first released it may have been better than the Gaming class GPUs. Now though I doubt it would be faster/better than a 6950 in any respect.

    As more home users have been doing activities such as video editing and rendering on their home computers GPU manufacturers have been releasing more GPU compute based functionality on the consumer level GPUs. The NVidia Fermi architecture is a very good example of this as the GPUs in all of the NVidia range are highly GPU compute orientated. On the AMD boards the GPU compute ability is more limited to the more expensive GPU range such as the 6900 class.

    All up ... the 6950 would be considerably better for rendering AND Gaming than the V7700
  2. hmm, that means i now have a choice of a gtx 570 or a 6950, which to choose?
  3. anyone? :'(
  4. the 570 if you can find it for a good price
  5. hmm, i could get the 6950 or the gtx 560 ti whats better?
  6. The GTX 560 Ti would be better for adobe applications as they support CUDA and not AMD Stream.

    Otherwise the 6950 is a bit more powerful!
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