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Hi there, i have a BenQ SC3211 32" display with a HD cable from my GTX460, the desktop display looks badly distorted and fuzzy on 1080p and on 1360x768 its fine. i managed to get the display better by setting the Sharpness to Zero on the tv's setting. but it only looks okay.

With gameing 1080p looks just fine, its just on the desktop i cant see or use the windows UI.

How can i make this better? i have the latest Nvidia drivers.

Oh yeah, if i plug my pc into the DVI input, its 100% fine, its just the HDMI i have a problem with, could this be a setting on the tv or my pc.

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  1. That is because it isn't a 1080P monitor. The native resolution for that is 1366X768.
  2. but if i game on 1080p its fine, and with the xbox on 1080p its great
  3. My guess is that your TV scales the 1080p to 720p on the DVI port, but that it doesn't do that on the HDMI port. Your TV can't display true 1080p as the native resolution is 1366x768. If you want true 1080p you need a different TV/monitor.
  4. BENQ G2220HDA 21.6? this is a pc monitor 1080p
  5. BENQ? You need to get a better monitor, like Samsung. Also, make sure it's 1080P.
  6. you dont know BenQ?, its really good
  7. If BenQ is so good why are you having problems with it?
    Sorry to interject but I never thought they were a good brand of monitors.
  8. Is this a LCD monitor, not a HDTV? If so, then that is where I am not familiar.
  9. It is a HDTV
  10. Jurgens said:
    BENQ G2220HDA 21.6? this is a pc monitor 1080p
    In your first post you said it was "BenQ SC3211", which is it?
  11. dude read, should i get G2220HDA, i have a SC3211
  12. The SC3211's resolution is 1366 x 768. That's why setting to 1920 x 1080 makes it look bad. The Xbox merely stretches the graphics to fit the entire screen, you are not actually getting 1080p thru the Xbox.

    Don't know anything about the G2220HDA, but if you want a 1920 x 1080 monitor then go for it. 21.5" is a bit small for me.
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