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Ok. Here is my dilemma. I currently have a HP PSC750 series printer. I want to put the printer on the network. The easy way would to get a USB print server, plug the USB printer in there, and plug the print server into my router. The problem is that the printer doesn't support scanning over a 10/100 connection. You must physically be connected via USB from the printer to the computer. I thought of a solution, but am unsure if they make what I am looking for, let alone if it would work. I thought I could get a USB Type B male cable, plug that end into my printer, and have a splitter that splits the output to 2 Male Type A connections. Therefore one end will go to my computer and the other to the print server. Is there such a cable out there? Confused yet? Any ideas?

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  1. Splitting a usb connection is not going to work. I suggest you just set everything up on your computer and share the printer (go to printers in control panel, right click on printer, go to sharing). That would save a lot of money too. Most usb print servers (especially hp jet directs) are fairly expensive.

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