Can I Raid 0 multiple Ramdisks?

I recently descovered RAMDisk and it is AMAZING! I already reached 5Gbs using a free RAMDisk Utility. The free version of this utility limits the size of the partition to 4Gb. Could i Raid 0 multiple 4Gb RAMDisks into one Raid 0 Ramdisk? The point here is to get more than 4Gb of working Ram Disk but if the speed increces too then that is just an added plus!! Or does anyone else know a free RamDisk utility that allows for a larger partition? Thanks

The Website i used was:
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  1. You can use IMDisk to get a RAM disk as large as you want to, within the limits of your computer's RAM capacity. It works on both 32 bit and 64 bit systems and can even ignore the 32 bit limitation of less than 4GB of RAM. It also does a few other tasks such as mounting ISOs and more and is freeware.

    Also, I don't think that speed would increase from RAID 0ing RAM disks because the RAID 0ed disks would still share the same bus to the CPU. It'd probably be like plugging four SAS6Gb SSDs into a single SAS6Gb/s port and RAID 0ing them even though each SSD can already saturate the SAS 6Gb/s port on its own, IE hardly any different from plugging only one of those SSDs into the same port from a performance perspective. I'm also not sure if Windows would let you use RAID of any kind with RAM disks anyway.
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