Can't get brand new Radeon HD 6850 to work!

So I just bought the card finally and it won't work! I have a brand new PC, it's an Asus M4N68T-M V2 motherboard, with AMD PHenom II X4 955 Black.

I installed the card in the PCIe slot and booted up and nothing happens no video at all, using DVI. There's 2 honkin fans on the unit that don't spin at all. I Tried VGA and HDMI nothing. I then switched to VGA on the integrated video and it came right up with windows 7 saying nothing about the Radeon. I uninstalled integrated rebooted nothing.

I noticed there's a power plug on the card and it came with a Y adapter that connects to the motherboard so I Tried to connect that. This time when I boot up both fans are running at full speed very loud but still no go.

My motherboard drivers are up to date as is the firmware. I Get no video at all no bios no nothing and there's also no way to disable integrated video. I'm upgrading from RAdeon HD 4550 which works fine no issues at all so I'm at a loss. I've googled and found no one with issues but other's with the same motherboard and video card. MY power supply is 500W and it says on the box a 400w is recommended.

I'm going to try connecting it to my older Athlon desktop at the office later tonight to see if it works to rule out it being my machine but does anyone have any suggestions? Bought it from a local computer store where it's hard to just go back and return it :S :(
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  1. do you have the 6 pin pci-e cable plugged in from your psu to your video card?, the y connector you speak of is a 2 molex to 1 6 pin, but either way that does not plug into the mobo, plug the six pin cable into your 6850 or use the adapter and plug 2 molex into it to make one six pin to plug into the 6850

    your psu sounds sketch if its a no name 500w then it will likely not deliver the specs that it promises also if the way you hooked it up is correct I would suspect your psu is junk....
  2. Sorry it's running from the PSU to the video card, the manual doesnt' say anything about doing this though not anywhere. I'm going to try it at my office later just to see if it works any differently there but yeah I have it hooked up as you mention.

    How can I tell if my PSU is garbage? I mean it says 500W and is brand new what would I look for? HAte to go spend more money now buying a new power supply when that might not fix it. Even if I Get a new one what am I looking for there? Is it that it's not giving enough power to the motherboard to power the card or not enough to the 6 pin? What about these?
  3. really the specs it list really have nothing to do with it... how many amps does it deliver on a 12v rail and does it actually live up to its specs is a totally separate question, overall a psu is not something you want to go cheap on if you value your components

    those are both crap brands of psus as well reputable manufacturers are antec corsair seasonic xfx... and try to get something that is at least 80+ plus certified

    the coolermaster one is decent but Ive used some junk psus from them as well

    I'd get something like this:

    or for a little more this psu will run any single gpu out now:
  4. K I'll check into those, on my PSU it says:

    Output +3.3V +5V 12V -5V -12V +5VSB
    Max Current 32A 32A 47A 22A 0.5A 1.0A 2.5A

    Found the second one for $69CAD regular $99 it's on sale so maybe will pick that one up, just wish I knew for sure it was the PSU causing the issue would hate to buy a new one and have the same problem..
  5. K I'm pissed, I bought the PSU you recommended, installed it all and it STILL Doesn't work. Both fans are on full blast when I have the 6 pin PCI-e connected to it, but there's no video. Only on board video works and windows doesn't even detect the card is there at all, I'm so pissed off this mega sucks.
  6. if everything is connected correctly then you probably have a faulty video card. Also, make sure your motherboard BIOS is updated.
  7. yeah sounds like a faulty gpu then but at least now you have a solid psu
  8. I got it working right after that message. It's really weird, when I install it, because it's so big it is on a slight angle because of the weight. When I lift it to the right height to connect the screws to secure it in place, I can't connect the top DVI plug the case gets in the way and when I turn the system on both fans go full blast.

    I removed the screw holding it in place thinking maybe I could try the top DVI connector, and when I removed it it tilted down slightly again, but this time the system booted up, fans weren't on full blast at all and it works!

    The thing is so loud though, I did the BIOS update for the card and it seems to help but the fans pretty much run full blast non stop even when idle. If I'm playing a game it's fine since it's hard to hear but I wouldn't ever want to leave the machine running when I'm not using it, it sounds like when you're burning a DVD or something and it's so loud lol.
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