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NEED HELP 4 Post beeps

My motherboard is the asrock h61m-dgs. I performed an external build with the ram, cpu, and gpu installed and attached to a monitor. Regardless if I attach the monitor to the motherboard or the gpu, when I start the computer I get 4 post beeps and no display.
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  1. What GPU and does it need external power? Use our guide step by step
  2. Gpu is a radeon hd 7750, doesnt require external power.
  3. The Bios guide says System Timer failure for 4 beeps but I don't know what that means or how to fix it.
  4. And both power connectors connected to motherboard? You did follow the guide?
  5. Does the onboard work if you remove the 7750?
  6. Nope, same four beeps and no display.
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  8. Alright so I need to set out my processor and other parts for now, will the thermal paste dry out if it's exposed to the air? Is there any specific way I should be protecting the parts while waiting for an RMA?
  9. Thermal paste will dry. Always have one of these at home
    Back in their anti static packaging is the best way of storing them.
  10. So if I put it back in the case will I still have to buy thermal paste?
  11. Every time you take the cooler of you run a risk if you do not have new paste on reassembly.
  12. Alright thanks for all the help, but one last thing, will q-tips work fine for removing dried thermal paste?
  13. I usually use lint free cloth and rubbing alcohol I guess q-tips will work as well just as long it is lint free when reassembly.
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