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PC Recognizes VGA Adapter as GPU

Hello, I just built a new computer today without many hitches, except my Sapphire 6950 2gb isn't being detected. I temporarily have the included DVI-VGA adapter plugged into my GPU, and a VGA cable running from that to my monitor. On CPU-Z, BIOS and everything I've tried it is reading my graphics card as Standard VGA Adapter and nonsense like that. I'm unclear if it's just a BIOS issue because I am a noob after all. I've also downloaded the latest drivers on the Sapphire website from March 30.
All help is appreciated,
Mack Daddy

*EDIT* I found my HDMI cable and hooked that up instead, but have the same result of not recognizing the gpu
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    have you tried AMDs official drivers? The drivers should identify the card for the os, but obviously it isn't doing it properly or not at all.
    Have you tried GPU-Z? (I'm asking just out of curiosity, since as I understand it GPU-Z might be able to see the card properly even on its own.)
    This has nothing to do with the cables you are using or bios settings, only the drivers. Though I think it will always be standard vga adapter in BIOS so that won't change but anything in windows should be able to tell the model.
  2. Thanks for the input... I downloaded GPU-z and it did find my 6950, and the AMD version driver is being downloaded atm
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  4. The AMD drivers did work, although I had to go in and delete the file "atikmdag.sys" because it was giving me a blue screen of death. After all that, I had successfully built my first computer at age 14 :)
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