How do I lower my CPU temp

I have a WIndows XP it runs at 70-110C everyday
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  1. Clean your Hardware or get aftermarket cooler
  2. Coolers and fans tend to collect dust and need periodic cleaninig.
    Thermal paste also needs to cleaned off and new stuff put down.
  3. Try air dusting your pc
    What type of computer do u have(prebuilt or custom)
    also try to get as much ventalations as you can
    example open ur side panel door i used to do that when i had a poor case
    and it helped
  4. Depending of your case and cooling solutuion, thats a normal temperature, Im betting its a Pentium 4? They were hot.

    get watercooling and fans
  5. If it is an old PC you should clean off the thermal paste from the CPU and the heatsink and apply a new thin layer of thermal paste. I like Arctic Silver 5, it used to be king since there are better thermal paste around now, but AS 5 is still pretty damn good.

    Thermal paste can dry out over time. I once tried out the thermal paste that came with Tuniq Tower (TX-1 or MX-1???), after a year and a half I noticed my idle temps hovering at about 70C!!!. The damn thermal paste dried out and basically turned into a clump of powder, which by the way makes a good heat insulator because the pockets of air prevented good thermal transfer. I quickly applied my old 'ol AS 5 and the temps dropped back down to around 36C - 39C when idling.
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