Help me for a gaming set please


I would like the view of some gamers.

I am seriously thinking of buying a set for gaming. I have already tought a lot but I want to make sure nobody have a better idea before I do it. I am ready to pay around 250$ for each items, if quality is worth it. Ps. I like blue

Headset : Sennheiser PC 360
Keyboard : Razer Lycosa Mirror edition
Mouse : Roccat kone plus
Gaming pad : Roccat sota
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  1. Cant go wrong with those Sennheisers.
    The Lycosa is a nice looking keyboard but not the best or most customizable that Razer has to offer.

    What type of games will you be playing?

    I don't have any experience with Roccat. I hope someone else can help you with those.
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