Computer is randomly shutting off?

((Sorry if this is the wrong place to post the thread, nothing else seemed better))

My computer has been shutting off at random times, there is no pattern when, but it could last anytime between start-up and two days after. Weirdly enough, it NEVER shuts off when I'm in the BIOS. It's guaranteed to stay on forever while in there. Also when running a new Window's installation, it doesn't shut off either. I was wondering, what could it be?

Things I've tried:
Unplugging all components but the harddrive with Windows on it.
Changing the Sata ports of that harddrive
Reinstalling Windows on that harddrive
Installing Windows on a different harddrive
Changing the RAM
Reseting the CMOS
Screwing and Unscrewing everything in my case
Reseating the CPU/Videocard
Tried using a harddrive with Windows that worked in a different computer
Another harddrive with Windows that worked from another computer
Different motherboard
Different CPU
A combination of both of the above
Different videocard
Linux live disc

Things I am going to try:
Reapplying thermal paste
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  1. System specifications?
  2. M2NE SLI ASUS Motherboard
    8800 GTS Nvidia Graphics card
    2 - 1 Gig CORSAIR DDR2 RAM
    AMD Athalon 64 X2
  3. Reapplying thermal paste did nothing
  4. I was getting random shut offs without BSOD....just off like the power was unplugged. What it turned out to be was a heat problem with my CPU. The heatsink and fan on my AMD quadcore is snapped together. it really didn't look too dusty and the cooling fins didn't look dust clogged when I did an exterior inspection. It was clogged in between the fan and heatsink itself with dust and lint.

    What I did was detach the CPU fan from the heatsink. I cleaned it thoroughly and snapped it back together then mounted the heatsink/fan unit back onto the CPU.

    That was why my CPU ran so hot and caused the shutdown. It now runs around 30 Celsius at idle and in the 40s to 50s tops when under load and it has never shut off again. I wasn't able to see the problem clearly until I had unsnapped the fan from the heatsink which is why I had tried so many other things. My case is very clean on the inside so the minimal amount of dust on the fan's cooling fins made me initially discount the possibility.
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