Fitting Corsair TX650 into Dell XPS 410?

So I ordered a Corsair TX650 power supply for my Dell XPS 410 and obviously, it doesn't latch in as the OEM Dell power supply did. Is there some way I can strap this in or secure it because I have seen people upgrade PSU in XPS 410 Desktops before. Or will I have to just send it back and get a new power supply? Thanks to anyone who can help me out here.
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  1. Fan down, line up the mounting holes and screw it in, there will be a gap at the bottom of the psu opening, doesn't affect anything.
    Then comes the fun, wire management.
  2. Did someone mention cable management? :P on one of the pics I see the holes needed to mount the psu so no drilling needed /sulks and puts drill away
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