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Hello, I'm building a new gaming PC and I've got pretty much everything I want picked out but I wanted to check and make sure that everything is compatible and I'm not missing anything.

I'm not sure about the ethernet card as I don't really know what to look for, but I saw that one and it had good reviews and so I added it.

Also, my HD 6870 says it has PCI Express 2.1 x16, but my motherboard has PCI Express 2.0 x16, so I'm wondering if this is ok or not. Can I still connect my video card to my motherboard with no issues?

Here is my build. (I also added Windows 7 64 and this ethernet card:

OH, and links to all the parts.
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    Hi Jerry, welcome to the forums. The first thing I say is drop the Ethernet card. You don't need one, the mobo comes built in with 1Gb/s ethernet.

    Also, I would try and get a slightly better mobo, one that supports crossfire/SLI. Gigabyte has a good one bundled with the 2400. (can't link right now)

    Only other issue is the power supply. Coolermaster doesn't make the top tier power supplies, and those are something you don't wanna skimp on. Check out a 500-650w from XFX, Corsair, Antec, Silverstone, and Seasonic.

    And no worries, PCI-E 2.1 is totally compatible.

    Last thing. What skin is that on windows? Is that a custom skin, or one that comes with ultimate? Never seen it before...

    Hope that helps.

    EDIT: +1 for chrome :D
  2. That's awesome, I didn't even know that about the ethernet. Also, I have no plans on using Crossfire/SLI so do I really need to worry about it?

    Alright, I'll find a better PSU.

    And it's just a simple custom skin, not really even sure where I got it.

    Thanks a lot for the help Striker.
  3. Ahh, excellent. Might I ask then what your budget is? If you can stretch $50, a 6950 or 560 Ti graphics card would be worth the upgrade. Also, might consider the 2500k. Only $35 more, and can be overclocked to insane levels.

    Do you live near a microcenter?
  4. I'm already kinda pushing my budget.

    Not that I'm aware of.

    I have a question about the ethernet on the motherboard though. How exactly does it work? Do I need to plug it into my router? Because my router is in another room.

    Sorry I don't really much about the ethernet.
  5. Well I suppose it depends. In my house, I can route the Ethernet wherever I want via a switchbox built into the wall. But you may not have that capability.
    Now the link is broken to the card, so might I ask was it a WIRELESS ethernet card? if so, then yes pick one up.

    But remember, A wired connection will always be faster than wireless.
  6. Yes it was wireless.

    Sadly just due to the circumstances, a wired connection won't be possible for me. But I've been using wireless for a long time and I'm alright with it.

    Thanks again Striker.
  7. Ahh haha, my bad. The link was broken so I assumed it was wired. I would look for a PCI-e x1 card, and not an external USB one. That's me though.
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  9. Oh sorry I fixed that link.

    And yes, It's a PCI-E card as well.
  10. Alright, seems like a good choice. TY for best answer! You might have wanted to wait to see what the others say though.....

    Now if you'll excuse me i'm gonna go find myself a windows skin :D
  11. 8 GB RAM would cost only $18 more.

    Concerned about the PSU
  12. That's after rebate jack. And I think he switched up the PSU
  13. 4GB of ram is fine.


    For roughly the same price but much faster.
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