Graphics have become grainy

As of this morning any game that i try and play the screen will flicker and everything has become grainy. All drivers up to date and temps running normal for both cpu and gpu. Any help or ideas would be appreciated.
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  1. faulty video card maybe. what do you mean by grainy? random pixels appearing everywhere on screen? Maybe even the PSU is on its way out? is the psu old? what make and model is it? please list your full system specs.
  2. Intel I5 2.6
    Asus P7P55D pro
    4 Gigz DDR3
    EVGA GTS 250 x 2
    750W Ultra Psu

    Hard to explain but it only happens in games for some weird reason. When i'm just browsing the web or watching a movie it never happens only in games. Took a few screen shots while in game but the screen shots show nothing of what i'm seeing.
  3. if the screen shots don't show the issue then the problem lies with your monitor or monitor cable.
  4. New cable and monitor/tv was tested with a built in tool. Still no improvement and also tried everyone of the dvi ports on the cards same results.
  5. Bumpity bump anyone else got some ideas. I know it's also not the monitor hooked up another pc to it and didn't get any issues.
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