To upgread from a q6600 or not yet

Hello, So I currently have a q6600@3.2 on a 750i mobo, 4gb 1066 ram, and a gtx295. I plan to play SW:ToR and Skyrim at max with at least 8xAA running at 1920x1200 res. I know the specs for those 2 games have not been announced yet but I'm wanting to upgrade to be ready. Would this system get the full benefit from a gtx580 or should I just get all new stuff ie a i5-2500k and gang? or is there any news on the next gen of video cards yet that I should be looking for. Thanks in advance
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  1. I'd say build a machine THEN if you have to .

    Parts will be cheaper , or more powerful every few months .

    Try your system first
  2. you should just upgrade to the 580 first, then if you feel the need go for a new build if you still dont feel the performance.

    the GTX295 is still a great card, with similar performance to a gtx 470 or a gtx 560Ti, you should wait till you get Skyrim and SW:ToR and then see if you are happy with performance, no point upgrading then finding out your old Graphics card could handle it jsut fine.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I think I'm going to upgrade my system but keep my 295. then if i need to upgrade it later
  4. If your getting a little CPU limited and looking to upgrade soon so longevity isn't as much of an issue as it was a couple years ago... I'd have a little fun and see what morie you can get out of your Q6600. I sat at 3.4 for a couple years and just started playing around again w/it... after having a 2500k, mobo and memory in a newegg shopping card then sleeping on it. I couldn't get past 3.6 on a 9x multiplier w/o rounding errors... no matter what vcore, ram settings or gtlrefs, but for some reason... my chip loves an 8x multiplier. I'm at 475x8 for a 3.8 and have room to spare. I have seached high and low on the internet and can't find anything about anyone killing a 65nm core 2 quad. Mobos? A few. 45nm C2Qs? A few, and then only from excessive vtt. No Q6600s. This is w/TONS w/1.6v 24/7 for years. Suicide benchmark runs out in the 1.9v range.

    I'm under 1.5v (still working on going down in volts and retuning my gtlrefs since I went from 1.2 to 1.3 on my vtt) and in the mid 70s in small ffts. Hot? Sure... but... eh... whty not? If you want to save some cash and you see your LGA 775 setup coming towards the end of it's life, screw it dude... kick it in the guts and see what you can get out of it. If you skip one more generation out because your current setup isn't cpu bottlenecked and you don't need anymore processing muscle, Ivy Bridge will be yet another improvement... just like the 45nm C2Qs were over the 65nm ones. Our Q6600s were getting 3.2-3.6 regularly. Many of the 45nm quads were in the 3.8-4+ range. Plus... the 3D transistor tech sounds... well... neat...

    I'd definately push existing hardware further if it's currently workable and have a little fun w/it... just like modding a car that's paid off w/it's warranty long gone. You might be surprised how much you can get out of the old girl.

    I went from 8800 GTS to 260 GTX, then got a second refurb for about $100. Then I got 2 460 GTXs and sold the 260 GTXs and the game codes that came w/the 460s and only had to pay about $50 out of pocket for them.

    A 3.8 q6600 and 2x460 GTX OCed to 880 on the core still has some teeth left. Your money though.

    I'd love a 4.5 2500k... but I figured if I didn't push this to the absolute limit or until it died, I'd be left wondering how much I could really get out of it.

    I'd of been gentle on a new setup. With what I have now? I'm going pretty wild on everything and loving it.

    Still a good market for legacy 775 stuff though. You could definately recoop $150-200 on your cpu mobo and ram on ebay, unless you were going to pass it on. That'd nearly cover the 2500k alone. I've passed an 4400+ AMD OCed to 2.8 and a 7600 GT (got it super cheap for Doom 3!) to the mother-in-law and another E6600 680i setup to the parents. What I have now it's pushing 4 years.

    Oblivion taxed the old G80 8800 GTS 640 I had back in the day (G92s were much better but not out yet). The 460 GTXs would laugh at it... as they have w/Fallout 3/NV. I wonder if Skyrim is going to make what I have now sweat... I'm not sure the 460 GTX will hold 60 FPS but I'm skipping the current 5xx nvidia card... at least at their current price point. The 460s were only about $300 for the pair when I got then 3-6 months after their release... the 260s sold for about $100 a piece and I got about $20-25 per game card. The 560s are still about $500 for the pair.

    I wouldn't upgrade until you're really unhappy w/what you have... and until you've overclocked it until you just can't get anymore out of it.

    Q6600 from 2.4 -> 3.8 ... Huge difference
    460 GTX from 720 (I'd swear it was 675... think I got a 'free speed boost overclock thing in a uodate EVGA oyt out) -> 880 ... Pretty big difference. Put them in SLI... beautiful!

    You might check in selling your older higher end card for a newer midrange card though. If it's a cost effective upgrade (you may pay little/nothing out-of-pocket other than a little downtime and may get more fps, more capabilities (Dx11, if you feel it's worth it) w/less power consumption.

    My 260 GTXs were god awful hot and drew more power (verified w/kill-a-watt) than the 460s for maybe 20% more performance stock clocked. They OC like mad.
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