Black screen at boot sometimes

Had a problem which began yesterday. Got a blackscreen at boot. I managed to "fix" it by pulling out and plugging in the video card a few times.
Today I again got black screen at boot. Re-plugged in the video card and was ok but then the screen went black at the windows screen.

I think my power supply may be weak (it's around 5-6 years old).

I have a DELL dimension 8300, with 305W Proprietary dell power supply. Video card is Radeon x800XL AGP.
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  1. My question is:
    Is this a problelm wtih my video card or power supply (or something else)?

    I tend to think it's the power supply given that yesterday I was able to boot succesfully and use my computer, and that it can complete a boot but then later on has a black screen.
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