Upgrading my home Pc Need Help Please.

hi I am thinking about Upgrading my Home Pc and need your help,

Approximate Purchase Date: This month

Budget Range: $700 Before Rebate

System Usage from Most to Least Important: gaming (Usually the same games on Xbox-Ps3) , surfing the internet, watching movies (Would like to get a Blu-ray player)

Parts Not Required: MoBo - Cpu - Ram Will need a new Gpu-Case-Power supply and Hard drives

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: Cheaper =better

Country of Origin: Middle east but will order all parts from the Usa

Parts Preferences: by brand or type : I already Have a MoBo (Intel DH55HC) Cpu (Intel i3-540 3.06 GHZ) and 2X 2GB 1333MHZ Kingston ram.

Overclocking: No

SLI or Crossfire: Dont think its possible but if it is will be happy to .

Monitor Resolution: 1920x1080 LCD 24 inch But would Love to get a 30 inch and another 24 inch LCD's in the future

Additional Comments: Quiet, Maybe add more HDD's as I think 1 TB is not enough any more

Thank you for your help
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  1. GPU: HIS IceQ 6970 @ $369.99
    Case: Antec P183 v3 @ $149.99
    PSU: Corsair 750HX @ $139.99
    HDD: Samsung F4 2TB @ $79.99

    Total: $739.96

    This is a little over budget but you could pick up a cheaper case.

    The 6970 is a nice card and I'm very keen on HIS IceQ versions of cards because they are significantly quieter and cooler than other manufacturers.

    The case is all very subjective. I like Antec cases. I picked up this one because it has a USB3.0 front connectors.

    The Corsair HX series is a great line of PSUs. These are 80 plus silver rated which makes them cheaper, cooler and quieter to run.

    I wasn't sure if you actually needed multiple hard drives or not. 2TB are the optimal price / TB point right now so you should be picking up this capacity for hard drives. A lot of these drives are green drives and are less suited to being used as OS drives. You should use these drives purely for storage. That being said the F4 is one of the better performing green drives.
  2. thanx alot mate will order them soon, the reason I needed multiple drives because I have a Huge Movie-Music collection which I want to store inside my Pc not on external drives, but will pay for an extra drive
  3. rusting in peace makes some premium quality picks and I like them, but personally I feel that the GPU, PSU, and case are overkill, they are quite nice but all that for an i3? Personally I'd go with a HAF 922, Corsair 650W psu, and a 6950, I like the 2 TB drive that is a good drive and a good value but unless you are building a flagship I dont think there si a need for such a high end psu, case, and gpu, the i3 at stock will severely hold back a 6970 imo...even though Rusting In Peace's recommendations are top notch and it well under budget I think it is overkill for the OPs current cpu.

    OP: can you list a link to your motherboard?
  4. Humm a valid point jjbrandomnumber.

    In truth I was picking components to match the budget. You're completely right about the PSU as the 6970 pulls ~300W at load apparently. Even 650W is plenty!

    camelsmaycry perhaps consider upgrading your CPU in this upgrade? As mentioned the i3 will bottleneck some cards. Perhaps pick up an i7?

    I think the OP motherboard is literally the Intel one
  5. Here is a link to my cpu

    But guys keep in mind that I am not a heavy gamer, All I play is some Ps3 games like Mirrors edge and the newest red alert Nothing major like crysis but maybe crysis 2, Portal 2 and so on

    I just bought the cpu and dont really want to throw it away
  6. Oh ok well a 69xx is totally overkill then.

    Perhaps consider this tasty HIS IceQ X version of the 6850. Should do nicely for your needs.

    Also means you could drop to using a 500W PSU as the 6850 under load is ~230W. This gold rated LEPA PSU is a little pricey but is a good 500W (it's got the same guts as Enermax PSUs)

    $700 is a lot for such a minor upgrade. Are you sure your conversion to USD is correct?
  7. yeah a 6850 and an antec earthwatts 380w psu would be a nice upgrade, check out this toms budget build in which they use those exact parts and an overclocked quad:


    although on newegg right now the earthwatts is not on sale I got mine at frys electronics on sale for 43 subtracted by a ten dollar rebate (whenever that comes) to run a backup rig that I have.

    after glancing at newegg, if I had to pull the trigger right now on gpu and psu then this is what id personally get.

    XFX 6850

    Antec Earthwatts 380W psu

    This will be more than enough for a non hardcore gamer and imo will be quite a nice setup when paired with an i3
  8. Rusting In Peace, I actually saved 1100$ my computer summer upgrade, I bought a VERY CHEAP case from a Chinese company called Sama, it had a psu as well and all that for 25$ so after a while it broke down and luckily the Mobo is still good, so Thats the reason I wanted a new Case-Psu But the case will cost me ALOT to ship here, So I calculated the shipping cost and most Mid tower cases would cost me 400$ in shipping, I needed a Gpu as I didnt buy one because my Mobo had one as I was told, So Thanx alot for your help jjb8675309 and Rusting In Peace , but before I leave I am thinking of buying a gaming BEAST and I want to be one of the people that brag about their computer so have you got any idea how much do I have to save for it? (Buying next summer)
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