Non-embedded atom cpu+boards

Are there any atom cpu models and boards that support a wide range of swappable atom cpu's??

I was wondering if anyone's made a multi cpu, multi core atom setup as well?

I'd like to build a desktop, with upgradeability. as an atom is pretty new.
Atoms consume alot less power and can do everything faster. So this is what i;d like to work with and test.
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  1. Atoms suck, even the dual-core.

    Think about using an AMD Fusion CPU's, they are non-socketed, as cheap as an Atom, but are far superior in performance.
  2. both suck, mainly because the tests have so far been done on win7 starter systems with 2gigs or less.

    Many features are disabled by the beta os's. even the amd.

    The multiple cores of the amd's gfx solution is nice. Much more worth getting. Non-socketed? you mean the amd is embedded too?

    amd and intel failed =c I guess it's cheaper?
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