Which sound format to choose to play games with P8Z77 Deluxe

I'm using Asus P8Z77 Deluxe with Logitech Z5500.

Currently using on board audio connecting to Logitech using optical cable and 5.1 cables.

My question is, if i play games, should i switch to optical output and select DTS out or should i choose 5.1 PCM stream to Logitech without any decoding.

which options would give me the best sound experience, in terms surround, quality...

thx fellas
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  1. Select DTS That is what I do on mine!
  2. I choose DTS for movie... But for games, isn't DTS simulate the surround? Sometimes when I select analog 5.1 direct, the surround seems clearer...
  3. It is all a matter of what the game supports.
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