LG FLATRON W1642S resolution

Hello everyone

I am using a LG FLATRON W1642S on this system:

Windows Vista SP1

latest drivers from ATI

Problem: resolution does'nt seem good, text and picture is not crisp clear.

adjusted Clear type also

Monitor is recognized as Generic PnP monitor

from ATI catalyst
MAX reported resolution: 1920x1080 at 75Hz

from windows screen resolution window,

Display: Generic Non-Pnp Monitor
Resolution : 1360x768 ( this is Max)

I tried hours on net, I could not get a driver for W1642S, all I gets is application which searches drivers on net and it never finds driver. Not even on LG official sites

Please suggest the solution, Monitor driver can solve the problem?

I have used same system on Mitsubishi 230 SB (21' CRT ) very crisp picure and text.
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  1. Catalyst is not identifying the monitor correctly.

    Your LG FLATRON W1642S is 1366 x 768. That is what you should be setting your monitor to.

    You may need to re-install your ATI drivers or perhaps install a slightly older version.
  2. Also....What type of connection are you using...........use dvi or hdmi if possible
  3. I moved around in ATI catalyst settings and found that monitor was set to non PnP, then I choosed from the drop down box to PnP, Catalyst shows the correct name and now I do get 1366 x 768.

    But in device manager under monitor, it is still Generic PnP monitor. No default driver for this monitor, so it is not recognized. I searhced a lot on net too.

    Now the question is if proper LCD driver is installed and dev manager shows correct LCD device, will the picture and text be more crisp?

    I am using plain VGA cable, my card does support DVI and HDMI, but since W1642S is an old monitor, it does'nt have other options.
  4. Monitors generally do not have drivers unless there is a specific device attached to the monitor like a webcam or perhaps a memory card reader. Monitor that have pivot capabilities may require drivers.
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