Motherboard in a hp case

I am wondering, is the motherboard the same for windows 7 Home Premium as Professional and Ultimate?
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  1. Yes the motherboard is the same!
  2. Thank you. What started all this is, I'm sure, while on the internet something disabled my security, Panda 2012, and locked me out of Documents and Settings and the many more. I never had to sign in or be refused to gain access to files. I had to reinstall and activate Panda and the quick scan found 32 spyware no viruses. So after a factory recovery (3 times) the access problem is the same. I'm a guest in my own computer. I have followed many other threads concerning the same situation and the result are the same for many. I figured on purchasing a blank hard drive and and reinstall Premium or Professional. I figured on professional becaus I have some XP hard drives I can retreive older lost documents and would gain the control I once had?
  3. You should be able to log on as administrator and have full access!
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