New cpu and hard drive

ok I had an AMD athlon 64x2 4000 and it went out so I took out my hard drive and pit it in a new system. Now I've decied to fix the old one and replaced the cpu with an AMD athlon 64x2 5200 and put a brand new hard drive in as well. Did eveything by tyhe book but once I power it up, doesn't come on. The fans all fire up and the new hard drive but nothing else. Any ideas?
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  1. reset the bios. there should be a jumper next to the bios battery, check your manual to be SURE its the bios reset jumper. use a screwdriver or any metal really to short it out while the system is running. your system will shut down then remove the screwdriver or what ever you used and hit the power button.

    or you can remove the battery and wait 3 minutes. but who likes waiting.

    often a processor swap makes the bios angry and since it cant slap you and eat your children, it simply crosses its arms and says NO, i wont boot.
  2. I'll give that a shot thank you
  3. Did you check at the mobo makers website to see if your mobo supports the 5200 CPU. You may need a mobo BIOS update?
  4. ok pulled the battery and still nothing! It fires up but bios doesn't even come up and monitor stays off.
  5. Does the motherboard support that chip? check the manufacturers webby for a cpu list
    and run though sections three and four
    post back any progress/lack thereof
  6. could the battery possibly be dead? It's only been in there since 2005!
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    New cpu and hard drive
    New cpu and hard drive
  8. thanks for the info I'll get back as soon as I do some stuff
  9. ok checked mobo aand it supports the cpu and no bios up fro that board. I went through the othere stuff and still nothing. Now I haven't put my dvd/cd drive in yet will taht cause problems? I mean the fans will kick on and if i try to hold the power button to shut it back off, the fans actually speed up, so I just unplug it.
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