Nvidia ion vs ati 4530

i really need ur guys help on this i need a netbook replacement and i am stuck between the ati 4530 and the nvidia ion 9400m

here are the systems i was looking at:

ASUS Eee Box HD 1006 Nettop PC - Black specs:

intel atom 1.6 ghz 1 core
ati 4530 256 md ddr2
1gb of ram
windows 7

ACER AR3610-U2002 specs:

ion 9400m 512 mb ddr2
intel atom 1.6 ghz 2 cores
2 gb of ddr2
windows 7
can u guys plz help me :bounce:

i also need to nkow which is better for gaming i know that they both arnt good but i just need to know which is better
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    neither can game , apart from maybe solitaire and minesweeper .

    Have a look for a replacement using AMD's Fusion APU . Cost should be similar and performance about 4 or 5 times better in games
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  3. thx
  4. well it can game, just older games and some newer games at extremely low graphic settings. I remember the review about the ION 2 being able to play wow at low graphics with decent framerate with the atom dual core.
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