Gigabyte board might be failing - how to tell?

I have a MA790GPT-UD3H gigabyte motherboard. Around february, I had to replace my old video card with a radeon HD 6850. Lately, I have been hacing issues with the video suddenly dying when I am gaming. Normally, I would attribute this to the video card, but On boots, it is taking upto 15 seconds to get to the post screen, and a random amount of time to detect both my hdds. At this point, I am starting to suspect that the motherboard might be on the way out, but is there any way I can test the board to see if it is indeed starting to die? Would be nice if I didn't have to replace the board, but at this point, i'll settle for resolution to this problem one way or another. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Additional information:

windows 7 pro 64-bit
Athlon II X4640 processor 3.00ghz
8 gigs kingston hyper ram (4 sticks)
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  1. Start by reseating your ram and graphics card and see if the symptoms change! Running memtest on the ram is as well a good idea
    And as always make sure that you components are clean, free of dust and lint.
  2. I've run a memtest on the ram and had no issues. Unfortunately, because of my heatsink, I cannot easily reseat the ram. I also reseated the video card, and nothing seems to have made a difference so far. The only other thing I have noticed lately is random errors in the system logs trying to access the cdrom.
  3. Reseating the cables to the drives is another thing to try but it is possible that a drive or a controller on the board is failing.
  4. Are there any utilities or programs i could run to try and stress test the motherboard, or at least asess the general health of the board?
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