Asus m5a88-m no post screen

Hello Team, I need help desperately. I have assembled a machine with the config:
ASUS M55A88-M + AMD Phenon 960T 3.0 GHZ + 8 Gb Corsair vengeance + 1TB Seagate HDD + Cooler master 600 Watts SMPS. Windows 7 64 Bit. I am using onboard ATI HD 4250 gpu

When i boot the machine, there is no display. The System is working as i can see the lights and hdd activity. I have to hard reboot it 4-5 times and keep pressing DEL to boot into BIOS. From there i just press F10 and it boots fine. After that any number of restarts and the machine works perfectly fine. Just bringing it on after a shutdown and it needs to be kicked. Can someone please help.
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  1. Thanks a lot for the reply Rolli59. If i might add, i can boot into the system after 4-5 eboots and pressing the DEL button continuously. it boots into the bios from where ican navigate to the os. I will try the guide though.
  2. rolli59 said:

    Hi rolli59,

    Thanks a lot for the link. It worked like a charm. However, now m running my system in dual boot and sometimes i am able to boot normally and sometimes i cant. When it BEEPS, it comes up fine. sometimes it doesnt. I also get 5 cores (i core getting unlocked) automatically. and sometimes it gets disabled automatically. I want this machine to work normally. please help and please guide.
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