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Hello,Why my pc switches off automatically?
My Pc switches off automatically. The technician replaced fan in the CPU unit a few months ago but its still getting switched off. Now the technician is saying that it's a hardware problem and need to replace the hardware inside the CPU. Whether I need to buy a new hardware for Rs 2800. Can any one help me.
My PC is 6 yrs old. OS is WindowsXP
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  1. the tower case is not the cpu . The cpu is the processor chip inside .

    It has a fan that might be clogged with dust after 6 years an that can cause windows to shut down to protect components .
    First thing to try is disconnect from the power , take the side of the case off and clean it with a can of compressed air to blow all the dust out .

    DO NOT USE A VACUUM CLEANER , or a brush

    then plug it back in with the case side still off and see if all the cooling fans are spinning
  2. 6 years old might want to just recycle it.
  3. On an old PC the most common reasons why a computer shuts down by itself is either dust build up or a faulty power supply.
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