Which is better 8 gb or 16 gb

i am looking to buy a tablet which is better the 8 , 16 32 gb
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  1. tampa41 said:
    i am looking to buy a tablet which is better the 8 , 16 32 gb

    a samsung glaxay i don't know which one to buy
  2. They are all the same tablet and run at the same speed. The difference is only in the available storage space. Larger is better, and I'd recommend getting the one with the most storage that fits your budget to be sure you don't find out in a few months that the one you bought didn't have enough.
  3. What is the use? Are u going to be storing photos on it? Lots of music? Or video?

    Than get the 16 GB or the 32GB one.
  4. theyre all exactly the same except for how much storage each one has. one has 8 gb one has 16 gb and one has 32 gb
  5. The 8 GB is too small, its better for net browsing and emailing.

    It would be filled before u know it.
  6. IF you're talking about a 'pseudo' tablet PC (or phone) where 8GB~32GB is ALL the storage then minimum of 16GB and IMO better the 32GB. If you like Movies then figure ~1.5GB per full length movie, 1-2GB+ for Apps, and XGB for your Music. My daughter has the iPhone 4S 64GB and it's full! I on the other hand am using 12GB of my 16GB capacity on my iPhone.

    So it all depends on YOU ;)
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