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My old laptop died using XP and HP Photosmart C7280 printer.

I bought a desktop Windows 7 64 bit HP. I tried to connect my same printer to it. I called HP and they told me the do not sell or support that printer any more. I have tried to download drivers in Win 7.
Now HP told me to try install the old XP/Vista install disc. That, of course, did not work.
They suggest I get on a forum and ask if any one has a HP CD install disc (Win 7) for the printer.

Can some one help me find or get a HP 7200 series CD install disc that is for Windows 7 (Not the XP or Vista version)?

Greg D.
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  1. I have a Photosmart 5280 and had no problem at al d/l 'ing drivers from HP
    Went from XP to WIN 7 and USB connect to printer.
    Start here http://driversdownloading.org/
  2. Have you tried to get the driver from HP. If you can only get an xp or vista driver for your printer just run it in compatibility mode.
  3. As I explained early on:

    My old laptope was running in Xp mode. When I bought the Photosmart c7289 it came with a cd install disc that stated it was for XP and Vista only. Later on my laptop died, but not the Hp Photosmart.

    So, I bought a new HP desktop that has windows 7. When I attempted to install the original printer cd install; it said that 1) it is not compatible with Windows 7 as it was for XP/Vista installs only. 2) I called HP hotline and they stated that they no longer support the Photosmart printer as it is out of date.

    They did suggest that if I got into a forum sujpport group that maybe someone may be generous enough to burn a new install disc (supporting Windows 7 compaitble disc) with me. Without the printer Windows 7 version of it, they said I have no help of installing it successfully.

    So, I tried MS Windows install, tried vairous patch exec. files for HP Photosmart, tried the latest drivers for it from MS, and even deleted the printer and allowed MS to search for compatible device and driver. All of this to no avial.

    Now, my only choice is to see if someone can burn an install disc that HP once supplied customers who had to receive the Windows 7 version from HP.

    I hope this explains it more precisely. I am so appreciative of any help that you and others in the forum can help me., please.


    Greg Darnell
    Lynn Haven, Florida
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