Intel Z77 Motherboards price vs performance?

Im building my first PC for high end gaming. I am starting to purchase the components and im still hung up on which motherboard to chose. Im going with an Intel z77 board, but i dont understand how different board affect performance. I know that the more expensive boards have more features, but do they also handle games and perform better? I dont want to pay more for a few more features, but if it improves performance than it is worth going over.
Im mainly hung up on the ASRock Extreme4 z77 and the ASUS sabertooth z77. The ASUS is $100 more, and while im sure it has way more features, is it worth the bucks if im going to be gaming?
The rest of my build is:
Core i5-3570k
ZOTAC Geforce gtx 670 AMP! edition
1tb hardrive, 64mb cache, 6gbps
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  1. It' not worth actually it'll give you

    TUF Thermal Armor - Total Airflow-Boosting Heat Dissipation TUF Dust Defender - Repel the Dust, Expand the Lifespan
    TUF Thermal Radar - Real Time Temp. Detection and Heat Removal
    TUF Components [Choke, Cap. & MOSFET; Certified by Military-standard] Certified for Tough Duty
    New DIGI+ Power Control - All-New Digital Power Control for both CPU and DRAM

    if not interested in those features Asrock Ex4 Z77 is good
  2. The $100 extra on the ASUS Sabertooth Z77 for the most part buys you little to no performance differences other then better long-term stability with Active Cooling of both the VRM and Chipsets plus a 5 year warranty. I also much prefer the better components on the ASUS over ASRock and many others...for online gaming the Intel NIC is a better option.
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