Need Help in Finishing Computer Assembly

I am assembling a computer and have made it to the point where I think I am ready to start it up (I did get a motherboard fried but noticed what I did wrong and didn't repeat it on my next try).

When I put on the power everything starts humming etc. Everything seems to be okay (the sound it makes seems like a healthy sound to me).

But my problem is that nothing appears on the monitor (I have it connected with VGA). Can't find the reason for this (unlikely that there is something wrong with the graphics-card since my monitor automatically turns on when I turn on the computer, just as it should).
At startup the DRAM LED lights up for a second (don't know if it should be doing that).
No BIOS beeps.
Keyboard, mouse and all possible USB devices power up.
Again, the monitor turns on when computer is powered on but nothing appears on it.
Lights on the motherboard, HDD and SSD turn on. Fans are powered (one on the front, one on the back, CPU fan and two that are on the graphics-card). The disc drive is working (ofcourse I cannot know for sure does it read discs as nothing appears on the monitor, though judging by sound I would say it does read them properly).
No operating system has yet been installed.
ASUS (can give additional specs if needed)

So that's it. Basically everything seems to be fine (except the suspicious DRAM LED which lights up for a short sec) but nothing appears on screen (and no sound).

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Have a look in the troubleshooting thread at the top of the mb

    what mb , what lights? They could be the "beep code"
    Try reading the manual that came with the mb
  2. Are you sure the motherboard jumpers are in the right place? Its either that or either your CPU or Memory is malfunctioning. If you have more than one stick of ram use one at a time to see if one of the sticks is the problem.
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