Some weird random little problems

Hello I dont consider myself a newbie but I guess compared with all those guys Im... so I want to ask you some questions about my system I build my dekstop with midrange components those are the specs

Phenom X 4 3.2ghz with custom cooler master v8 cooler
ECS a890GXM-A motherboard
6 GB DDR3 kingston 1333mhz
I have 2 sata 2 hardrives western digital 320 GB in raid 0 configuration
Cooler master GX 750 watts power supply
by the way I'm using windows 7 ultimate 64bits

the main problem with my system are some weird random fails... they are not common... as matter of fact I Just have experienced like 5 in about a year... for example sometimes my usb keyboard just shut down... I have to disconnect and connect the keyboard to make it work... today I was playing starcraft 2 and sudenly my pc just freeze up with the classic cyclic noise and then restart... are these small problems common and normal??? is there any software that can help me to identify which is the problem... so many times I think is the mother board... but i dont know... how can I know? specially because the fails are not that common and they are different...
Im very happy with my pc but those small problems sometimes worried me and I really want to know if there are some know issues with my hardware or if the raid 0 configuration produce this kind of problems... or maybe is my powersupply?? thank you in advance...
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    System lock-ups or freezes are typically caused by a failure in the RAM, GPU, CPU, PSU, or HDD. Here are some things to try:

    1. Press the Ctrl+Shift+Esc to bring up Task Manager. If you look at the Notification Area (A.K.A. System Tray) you'll see a square with a green bar. This represents your CPU usage. If your CPU usage is at 100%, you may want to scan your system for rogue software, viruses, etc. Also check the Resource Monitor to see if anything is using up your RAM.

    2. Change your GPU driver. If you're not using the most current driver, try updating. If you are, uninstall your GPU driver and try an older one. I recommend using Driver Sweeper to remove your drivers.

    3. If your mobo has integrated video, try using it instead of the GPU.

    4. Burn MemTest86+ (the most recent version) to a CD and then test your RAM.

    5. Run S.M.A.R.T. quick test on both of your HDD.

    6. Use a digital multimeter to test your PSU.
  2. first of all thanks for the reply

    all my drivers are up to date... about the task manager everything looks fine none of the four cores is at 100%, Im only using 1.2gb of 6 of my ram

    Im thinking that maybe is the video driver will try to test that... about the memory memtest86+ didnt find any problem so i guess is not the ram.

    smart show a good health of both drives... so everything is down to the gpu or the psu... i will check both things thanks
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