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Motherboard/CPU for media computer

I have a pretty good idea of Z77, H77 and X79 boards. Now I would like to look for something more suitable for a media computer (purely for Skype, DVD, bluray, slideshows, music, internet TV), which will be connected to a TV screen via HDMI.

What mobo/CPU combinations are typical for this?
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  2. rolli59,

    These look great.

    I also have an old Intel Q9400 and matching motherboard with a built in GPU as well as a GTX 240, which I was planning to throw out. Should I keep them and use them instead of buying one of these new AMDs?
  3. Those would do the job just as well but will consume more power.
  4. rolli59 said:
    Those would do the job just as well but will consume more power.

    What case would you suggest?
  5. Cases are the hardest thing to recommend since beauty is in the I of the beholder. Then there are cases for mATX boards and midtowers and up for ATX boards.
  6. I am looking to move this motherboard from a midtower to something more suitable to being put in an entertainment cabinet. The case needs to be no more than 14.5" deep.
  7. What board is it?
  8. It's a Dell board, smaller than ATX.
  9. mATX or BTX is the next question? BTX is sort of reversed format and not many cases set up for that.
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