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I wanted to know if I am able to upgrade my laptop's processor into a better one.

The one I currently have is from a emachines E627. A AMD TF-20 clocking at 1.6GHZ, and is a single core. I really am not happy with this processor.

I really have been wanting to upgrade it to a AMD QL-62 I have from my Compaq Presario CQ-60.
The processor on it is 2.0 GHZ Dual-core, my logic says that a dual core is better than a single core.

Anyways, I just wanted to know if I am able to upgrade my TF-20 to the QL-62 processor?

I am mainly worried about overheating and compatibility (bios/socket), and power concerns, if you need to know anything else, I'll try my best to


AMD TF-20 1.6 GHZ 64 TF-20 - AMGTF20HAX4DN.html

AMD QL-62 2.0 GHZ 64 X2 QL-62 - AMQL62DAM22GG.html

Emachines e627 Specs

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  1. It's possible i guess, but it seems to be a pain though. Also your links dont work :\
  2. Ensure that the CPU is not soldered on.

    In laptops, unless they are from Sager/Clevo, the CPU is soldered on.

    If you change the CPU, do not forget about changing the fan.
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