[Solved] 3 way sli GTX 275 or GTX 480/470

On 3-way SLI 780i Mobo can u /or/must u run 3 of the exact same cards or can one hybridize ? Such as 2 --260 GTX at 896MB and say 1 460 gtx. or any other combo thats workable???Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. To SLI you must use identical cards. You can use a different nvidia card for PhysX only if you like. So (2) 260GTX's in SLI and a 460GTX for PhysX.
  2. You can't run SLI with 2 different cards you must have for example : 3x 480 not 1x 580 and 2x 480, and as jay2tall said you can use one card for Physx
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